Seattle Washington has plenty to offer if you’re an outdoors kind of person and really enjoyed being in an environment while not stuck inside of the building all day. In fact when visiting Seattle one of the toughest jobs that you have to do is narrow down the areas of interest that appeal to you from the numerous choices throughout the area.


Below are some of the best free activities that you can take advantage of in the Seattle area and also at the same time enjoy the great outdoors. Not only are these items educational and entertaining but also available at no cost.


volunteer park conservatoryVolunteer Park Conservatory should be your first freebie on the list. If you love flowers this is the place you want to be. Divided into five houses the conservatory provides an incredible habitat suitable for growing special plants.


The first house is the Paul house which consists of about 1200 species of palms. Another is house dedicated to just pineapples.The third house is the Fern House where you’ll find an assortment of tropical ferns and exotic plants. The seasonal display house changes as the seasons change and contains many of the common household plants that you are familiar with. And finally the cactus house which is pretty much self-explanatory. The Conservatory is a great way to pass time especially if you are a flower lover and is free to the public.



arboretum seattleWashington Arboretum Park is another very popular destination point and is actually a 200-acre Arboretum and was created by the designer of Central Park in New York. Trees shrubs and vines number over 40,000 in the park. Here you can simply wander around the park or pay for guided tour. Either way you will enjoy the beauty immensely.


While preserving certain species of plants the purpose of the park is overall preservation as well as offering education and an opportunity to learn from the benefit of the park environment.



Woodland Park Rose Garden


Another absolutely beautiful location is the Woodland Park Rose Garden. The garden is located right next to the zoo and during normal zoo hours there is a four-dollar parking fee. With over 200,000 visitors each year, the rose garden at Woodland Park is an exceptional bargain and a beautiful part of Seattle.




Discovery Park

And finally on the free list is Discovery Park. With over 534 acres it is the largest park in Seattle. It is a sanctuary for wildlife and a place to learn more about nature for those who are interested. Children will love the play area as well as the trails and paths for exploration. Discovery Park also has picnic equipment so be sure and pack a lunch and enjoy the afternoon.


Seattle was blessed with lakes, mountains, and some of the most beautiful surroundings on earth. And best of all you can take advantage of what nature has given Seattle for free!